Lucky Dog® Dwell Series Crate® with Sliding Side Door

  • SECURITY: Super secure door latches provide peace-of-mind 
  • CONVENIENCE: A convenient handle on top makes it easy to move from room to room
  • DURABILITY: Rust-resistant E-coating for durability 
  • QUIET & EASY: Opening and closing from exceptionally smooth double-panel sliding doors and rails
  • DIVIDER PANEL: Allows you to partition the crate for multiple pets or to create a smaller-space puppy home.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Dwell Series Instructions

Dwell Series™ Crate Dimensions:

Crate Size Assembled Size (LxWxH) Weight
22" 22"x13"x16" 10.3lb/4.6kg
24" 24"x18"x21" 14.6lb/6.6kg
30" 30"x21"x24" 18.2lb/8.3kg
36" 36"x22.5"x24" 23.2lb/10.5kg
42" 42"x28"x31" 34.8lb/15.8kg
48" 48"x30"x33" 39.7lb/18.0kg
54" 54"x37"x40" 61.0lb/27.7kg

Lucky Dog® Dwell™ Crate Assembly Instructions

Wrestling with your pup’s crate doors in constrained spaces can be ruff! One smooth operator, the Sliding door™ dog crate merges luxury with functionality in an intelligent side and front door design. For space-saving side access, the unique Whisper-Glide™ double panel sliding door softly opens along buttery rails as gently as a summer breeze on the veranda. An easy-access front door quietly opens and gives you more pooch entry options.

This double-door crate with securely latching doors is engineered for strength and stability, too. The sturdy, rust-resistant wire frame is coated for durability, and uses easy snap-on corner stabilizers that reinforce to prevent flimsiness and collapsing. When you’re ready to close up shop, it easily folds down flat for transport. This luxury dog crate comes with a divider panel to make smaller puppy spaces or separate pup quarters. A removable leak-proof pan makes cleaning simple.

Our dog products are made in a state-of-the-art factory, a global industry pioneer in environmental responsibility that produces zero emissions and wastewater through its closed-loop recycling and reclamation processes.