Lucky Dog® Dwell™ Series Crate - Bronze Finish

  • FUNCTIONAL EASE: Folds down flat, cleans easily with removable leak-proof pan
  • SMOOTH, INTELLIGENT DESIGN: Secure-latching, unique side sliding door with smooth rail system, plus easy-access front door optimizes space
  • UNIQUE DURABILITY: Patented, easy-snap corner stabilizers strengthen and prevent collapse of durable, rust-resistant frame

The Lucky Dog Dwell Series™ Crate features a unique, quiet, double-panel sliding door for ultimate space optimization. It softly opens along smooth, sturdy rails with a patio-style opening. There is also a standard swinging door for additional entry options.

With securely latching doors and a frame built for strength, stability and your pet's safety, the Lucky Dog Dwell Series™ Crate combines convenience with style. Available in stylish brass and bronze finishes, this crate is sure to blend in with your home décor.

The sturdy, rust-resistant wire frame is coated for durability, and uses easy snap-on corner stabilizers that reinforce to prevent flimsiness and collapsing. Should you need to move the crate, it easily folds down flat in seconds. Naturally, a removable leak-proof pan makes cleaning simple.